If you’re an editor whose sound design, audio editing and mixing is badly letting down your pictures, then you’ve come to the right place… It’s time to say goodbye to audio anxiety and hello to sound satisfaction!

Because as Steven Spielberg famously said: 

‘The eye sees better when the sound is great’.

It's time to create soundtracks that


It's time to create soundtracks that

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The Four Sound Areas

The Four Sound Areas framework is a new approach to sound design that gives a fuller appreciation of how audience emotions and audience engagement are affected by moving picture soundtracks. It’s also a logical, flexible and practical model that allows moving picture professionals to more easily plan, communicate and create soundtracks that have greater emotional significance, impact and meaning for their audience.

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Sound for Moving Pictures

The Sound for Moving Pictures academy is built around the best-selling book Sound for Moving Pictures – the Four Sound Areas by Dr. Neil Hillman, and it is designed as a response to the needs of students, industry newcomers, teaching professionals and experienced practitioners who are looking for a new pathway to structured learning and a better understanding of creating expressive and emotive sound design.


It’s time to take a fresh look at the way that sound design theory and practice is understood and communicated… And it’s definitely time to end the practice of giving sound less attention than it deserves! (Hint: it’s at least 50% of the product!)

For decades, film and television soundtracks have suffered by being squeezed into the end of the post-production process; often with no consideration in pre-production and only a passing thought at the picture editing stage. Which is hardly surprising as young filmmakers are rarely taught the importance and engaging nature of sound. 

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Book Media

Streaming video excerpts of the movies and programmes described in the Sound for Moving Pictures reference work are available for auditioning online, chapter by chapter.


The Sound for Moving Pictures academy is currently operating as a virtual campus: yet it remains a place where sound and picture professionals can meet and learn from other sound professionals, teachers can find method, structure and resources for teaching sound design theory and practice and students are able to learn in their own time, at their own pace.  

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Our Key Family Forum Members

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Anna Sulley

Sound Designer, Editor and Supervisor

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Chris Roberts

Video Editor, Colourist and Producer

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Pip Norton

Re-recording Mixer, Sound Supervisor

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Dr. Neil Hillman

Location recording, ADR, Sound Supervisor


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