Journeyman is an authoritative, accessible and at times irreverent, retrospective view of the most significant decade of digital development in the professional audio-for-picture sector; written with humour and passion from first-hand, operational experience. Neil Hillman is an award-winning Sound Designer, Re-recording mixer, Sound Recordist and Outside Broadcast Sound Supervisor. He is also a time-served professional Writer. In this book he draws on his contemporary magazine reviews to map the way in which we now record, edit and mix was arrived at; highlighting the key pieces of what he was once overheard as describing as ‘a rather big and actually quite complicated jigsaw puzzle’. Foreword by Andy Farnell, Author of ‘Designing Sound’; with cover endorsements from David Sonnenschein, Author of best-selling ‘Sound Design’ and Eddy Joseph, multiple BAFTA-winning Supervising Sound Editor.

Sound for Moving Pictures -
The Four Sound Areas

Sound for Moving Pictures presents a new and original sound design theory called the Four Sound Areas framework, offering a conceptual template for constructing, deconstructing and communicating all types of motion picture soundtracks; and a way for academics and practitioners to better understand and utilize the deeper, emotive capabilities available to all filmmakers through the thoughtful use of sound design.

The Four Sound Areas framework presents a novel approach to sound design that enables the reader to more fully appreciate audience emotions and audience engagement, and provides a flexible, practical model that will allow professionals to more easily create and communicate soundtracks with greater emotional significance and meaning.

Mix Disc and Mix Wheel sheets

The Mix Disc and Mix Wheel are available here to download as template sheets for your own soundtrack planning purposes. Feel free to use them on your productions, but please include the website address on your copies.

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